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What is Scalp Micro pigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp micro pigmentation, often referred to as SMP, is a highly specialized technique for cosmetic pigmentation of the scalp. Although it's similar to conventional tattooing, SMP is also unique in many ways. It involves the use of advanced techniques and equipment to inject certain pigments into the scalp; Therefore, it is mainly used as a treatment for hair loss. Technicians are trained to use intricate procedures that ultimately mimic hair follicles in patients suffering from conditions such as androgenic alopecia, hairline receding, balding, thinning, and hair transplant scarring, among others. With the proper equipment and skill training, SMP specialists can provide patients cost-effective and cosmetically pleasing results. Other names for Scalp Micro pigmentation are Scalp or Hair Tattoo, Hairline Restoration, Hair Follicle Simulation, etc.

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Nano shading brows

($550 + after care pack)

Nano refers to individual hair strokes created with digital machine and a single point needle, shading is to completely fill in a large area with pigment to give off an opaque look. This specific technique is a combination of Nano hair strokes around the perimeter of the eyebrows and shading in to the middle for added depth. Nano shading is best suited for those with dry to combination skin and prefer a natural brow. Ideally Nano shading looks the best on virgin skin however it is possible to cover and tattoo over very faded light pmu.

Samira is the only master of this technique in Adelaide by creating crispy Nano hair strokes with digital machine. This technique is required more specific skills than other services! (Less pain, less damage the skin). This procedure takes up two and half an hour to complete and results can last up to 3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle.

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Micro blading brows

($400+ after care pack)

known as feathering or Phi brows by creating hair like strokes to redefine shape, fill in the sparness and build density and style by following your natural hair growth .this procedure achieves a natural hyper realistic look. This is suitable for dry normal skin. It’s recommended you to come back between 4-6 weeks for a touch maintain strokes.

This procedure takes roughly 2 hours and results can last anywhere 6-24 months, depending on skin type and lifestyle.

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Combination brows

($450+ after care pack)

That known as blade +shading and bold brows: this service is mixing both hair strokes technique and the ombré shading technique. This service is perfect if you want to achieve natural, defined brows. The infusion of these two services blend flawlessly together to create your desired brows.

This procedure takes up two hours to complete and results can last up to 3 years, depending on skin type and lifestyle.

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Ombré powder

($450+ after care pack)

Known as shading brows is a cosmetic tattoo technique which leaves a behind a soft powdery finish within a crisp design. This technique is applied using a digital machine and is great for all individuals specially those who have little to no hair, oily skin or those who prefer a more defined brow shape.ombré is virtually painless and has longer lasting results that you love.

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Lash liner

($399 + after care pack)

Also known as baby liner can be a gentle line or soft pixilation throughout your lashes. This is a super natural service.

This procedure takes roughly one and half an hour. We are the only salon in Adelaide that has lots of clients for this amazing service.

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Winged eyeliner

($450 + after care pack)

Also known as classic eyeliner is a semi-permanent makeup for those who has a problem with applying makeup but they like to have makeup every day! You can choose your desire Color and shape!

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