Permanent Makeup Adelaide

Adelaide’s Leading Permanent Makeup Artists

With more than ten years of experience on the team, Elena Permanent Beauty undoubtedly offers the best permanent makeup in Adelaide. We are fully qualified and possess excellent techniques to perform various cosmetic procedures. We can help you with eyeliner tattoos, micro blading brows, scalp micro pigmentation and even teeth whitening. Elena Permanent Beauty was built around our passion and a strong desire to help people feel good about themselves.

We believe everyone deserves to look beautiful, so we offer carefully curated skincare treatments. Our permanent makeup artists use cutting-edge technology to help you achieve promising results. We work closely with industry experts who assist us in creating your favourite makeup look. Our cosmetic tattoo technicians have received high-quality on-the-job training from well-known institutions such as PhiAcademy and Academy S. Discover how we can help you find your style and transform your look.

About Our Permanent Makeup in Adelaide

Our permanent makeup employs revolutionary cosmetic techniques by implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to help enhance facial features using colour ink. The procedure involves using a sterilised needle to insert pigmented granules underneath the upper layers of the skin to produce long-lasting makeup looks, otherwise known as a cosmetic tattoo. This is a quick and easy way to accentuate your best facial features and is typically performed on the eyebrows, lips or eyes.

Elena Permanent Beauty offers our customers end-to-end beauty solutions covering all aspects from initial consultation to personalised aesthetic skincare treatment and after-care packs. The procedures can take anywhere between 30 minutes to a few hours. Here are some of the permanent makeup services we offer in our Adelaide clinic:

  • Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP)
  • Nano shading brows
  • Micro blading brows
  • Lash liner
  • Lip blush tattooing
  • Freckles tattoo
  • Beauty spots and many more

Why Opt For A Permanent Makeup in Adelaide?

With our society constantly becoming more competitive and the pressure of modern life, achieving a healthy work-life balance is increasingly difficult. We know that each minute counts. With our permanent makeup, you can get an extra bit of sleep or tick another item on your to-do checklist. Our cosmetic tattoo in Adelaide guarantees you always look great, ready to leave your house anytime.

Here are the benefits of getting permanent makeup:

  • Our exquisite craftsmanship ensures you look your best self every day. You can also make huge savings on makeup products.
  • There is no maintenance required. Depending on your lifestyle and skin type, a cosmetic tattoo can last up to three years.
  • Our exquisite craftsmanship ensures you look your best self every day. You can also make huge savings on makeup products.

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