Ombre Brows Adelaide

The Ombre Brows Experts in Adelaide

Our ombre brows services in Adelaide provide an ideal brow shape. We deliver the best results using our skills and the latest tools. Elena Permanent Beauty is a luxury beauty establishment based in Adelaide. We have offered quality and reliable services in Adelaide for several years now. However, our team has practised cosmetic tattooing for almost ten years. We have trained with Australian institutes, well-known international masters, and beauty academics. We have gathered adequate experience and skills to offer the best cosmetic tattoo you will find in Adelaide.

Besides ombre brows, we offer other services, including eyeliner tattooing, lip blush tattooing, scalp SMP, freckles, teeth whitening, and tooth gems. Our team uses the best pigments and tools to help you enhance your beauty. We also maintain the highest clinical standards to ensure we offer a safe environment for your procedure. Please get in touch with us.

Professional Ombre Brows in Adelaide

Ombre brows in Adelaide provide a soft, defined, and natural effect. Ombre brows leave behind a smooth, powdery finish within a crisp design. The procedure is recommended for any skin type but is ideal for oily skin. We use a digital machine to apply this technique, which is suitable for people who prefer a more defined brow shape. Ombre brows are painless and have lasting results.

Our renowned cosmetic specialist is skillfully trained in this modern brow tattooing technique. You can trust that you are in the best hands. We understand that everyone is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all design. Our team will draw your new eyebrows to suit your facial features and skin tone. The procedure takes about two hours. So, you can expect immediate and lasting results. We offer the service at an affordable price of $450 plus an after-care pack.

Reasons to Consider Ombre Brows in Adelaide

Ombre brows are the latest trend in the cosmetic tattooing industry. The technique resembles the look of applied make-up, but it is more defined and durable. Customers prefer our ombre brows in Adelaide for many reasons, including;

  • Less invasive We achieve this technique using a small machine that disperses fine pigment dots into and across the skin in an airbrush technique. This means that the procedure will not cause trauma to the skin.
  • Less Pain The procedure is less painful due to the airbrush-like technique used. Ombre brows have minimal to zero blood surface. You can expect slight discomfort since a needle is involved, but the experience will be like an electric toothbrush pressing on your skin.
  • Durable Although the results vary depending on your lifestyle and skin type, the results of one ombre brows session can last about two to three years.
  • Natural-looking Healed ombre brows look like softly shaded brow pencil or powder has been applied. The ombre brows appear more saturated and bold immediately after the procedure. However, about 30% of it will fade, leaving a soft finish and shape.

Please do not look past Elena Permanent Beauty when looking for quality ombre brows in Adelaide.