Microblading Course Adelaide

Join a Course in Microblading with Professionals in Adelaide

Please enrol with our professionals for a microblading course in Adelaide. This course is an excellent start towards a potential six-figure income. Permanent eyebrow design, lip brush and eyeliner tattoos have become popular over the past few years. We are the leading team in the cosmetic field, having found a love for tattooing and permanent makeup.

We have trained with Australian institutes, well-known international Masters, and beauty academies such as Phi Academy and Academy S. We offer many tattooing services for both males and females. In addition, we enjoy helping our clients enhance their natural beauty by using the best pigments, tools and the highest clinical standards for health and safety. That is why we are the best team to teach you about Microblading.

What Does Our Microblading Course in Adelaide Involve?

Microblading is a highly technical and specialised technique that has only recently been applied in Adelaide. It involves a technician manually inserting pigment into the client’s skin. However, the method differs from permanent makeup because it uses different tools. With Microblading, you will use tools that create accurate, thin and defined lines, resulting in a more appealing outcome. For instance, a client looking for fuller eyebrows will benefit from this tattoo since the technician can selectively tattoo delicate brow-like lines between natural eyebrows and eyelashes.

As you join the skilled team at Elena Permanent Beauty for a Microblading course in Adelaide, you will also learn other things, including:

  • Sanitation
  • Samira’s brow mapping techniques
  • Creating beautiful hair strokes using a hand tool
  • How a client should be prepared for the treatment of Skin anatomy
  • Products to use during treatment
  • Getting familiar with machines and needles
  • Laws, regulations, insurance, advertising, and marketing skills

Why Choose Us for a Microblading Course in Adelaide?

At Elena Permanent Beauty, we reflect quality standards. Our Microblading course in Adelaide is nationally recognised. Having been in the tattooing industry for many years, we have seen the demand for Microblading and eyebrow procedures increase daily. Our course goes over and beyond what other academies will do. When you register with us, we will guide you through every step in creating the perfect eyebrow, from consultation to marketing. Additionally, we provide an intimate insight into building your business with marketing hints and strategies.

We set you up for success, creating confident and skilled Microblading practitioners. You will be ready to start your new career after completing the course. We train in groups of two students, offer lunch, and you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your 2-day course. We guarantee you will become a professional for only $ 3,500. After completing your course with us, you will receive six months of online support from our team.

Enrol with the longest-serving Microblading professionals in Adelaide today and complete your course within two days. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.